If you’re looking for rare, Vintage Vinyl Covers, then you have come to the right place. Vinyl records remain one of the most collectible forms of music memorabilia and what we miss about vinyl LPs and 45 rpm vinyl records is the fact that they were often graced by terrific cover images, usually photos or unique artwork.


Please accept my congratulations to you and your contributors for giving the world such a fantastic site which allows us to peruse and cherishes the beauty, artwork and design of the various genres of record covers that have been created over the decades when every household would have boasted of owning a record player and […]


Your scans are of exceptionally high quality. They’re clean and free of scratches, disc imprints, record store price tags, and other imperfections. Your blacks are computer-black, and your whites are computer-white. You have appropriate contrast levels, text is crisp and photos are clear. Your site is the most consistent and high-quality resource for LP covers […]